Dawn Kruithoff
Executive Director
Lisa Salisbury
Administrative Assistant

Lisa joined the facility September of 2002.  She has helped develop and implement a lot of the structure for our Programs.  Having worked in the house with the girls for many years, she knows that our children need more love and understanding and to learn right from wrong more now than ever before.  It has been and always   will be in Lisa's heart to serve those around her.                                                             


Denise Moore
Life Skills/Parenting Inst.

Denise joined the facility in December 2006.  Having worked with children for 25 years, she has experience in many areas.  Denise enjoys working at MRPOH watching the girls grow and change to become independent members of society. Denise makes an effort to remind them that they will make mistakes, but will learn from them i.e. you cannot gain wisdom without experiences.                                                           

Amanda Riddle

People Build Organizations They Don't Build Themselves

Amanda Riddle is a licensed professional counselor. She has more years than she likes to admit serving youth and families in relational contexts. With a background in youth ministry and Christian camping, Amanda attended Covenant Theological Seminary in order to earn her Master of Arts in Counseling. Amanda has many years of experience coming alongside young people in residential treatment. She has a passion for being a catalyst for positive change and restoring hope.                     

Helen Raymond
SCM Instructor, CPR/FA & Blood-borne Pathogens Instructor